` An interview with Jungle Syndicate...

An interview with Jungle Syndicate…

– Hi guys, do you want to introduce yourselves and explain the concept behind Jungle Syndicate and what prompted you to start it?

Jungle Syndicate was born out of a love for breaks, specifically the amen break, we felt there weren’t enough nights promoting the music we liked which at the time was anything from dark d’n’b to ragga jungle and a little bit of breakcore for good measure, we had already put on nights in our teenage years locally and a couple of nights in Camden so it was a natural progression to start JS.

– You’ve built a real community of people immensely passionate about the Drum and Bass / Jungle sound, do you think it’s important to have a sense of community in relatively niche scenes like this and do you also think it is this strong community spirit that sets Drum and Bass / Jungle apart from other genres that have come out of the UK underground over time?

Building a community of people passionate about the same sound that we love so much was very important. Due to it being niche and not having the same commercial power of some of the more mainstream styles of d’n’b the success of our night really relied on this to get the word out. This is one of the reasons I love the scene we’re in, as everyone is willing to work together with the same end goal of pushing the scene forward and keeping it alive and this really solidifies that sense of community. I believe this is definitely one of the reasons that it is still going strong and definitely sets it apart from other sub genres and it’s meant we’ve made great friends over the years.

– How does it feel to have such a far reaching fan base stretching all across the UK and beyond?

Bit mad really! When we started we never envisaged it to be still going strong almost 10 years later let alone have the reach it does. The label helped a lot with that due to distributing our sound around the world and again due to the scene being such a ‘community driven’ one, we have had the opportunity to do tours in Europe which further helped to spread the ethos of jungle syndicate. We have also had nights in different uk cities which has gone a long way to getting us where we are and I feel blessed tbh as it’s just a lot of fun that I wouldn’t have otherwise and that is the reason we still continue to do it.

– How has the scene changed in the time Jungle Syndicate has been running?

The main change in the scene is the amount of nights providing this sound it has grown a lot all over the uk and beyond. Also I have noticed artists who stopped pushing this particular sound are now making and pushing it once again (which is great for bookings lol).

– Obviously you put on events and are successful promoters, but what clubnights other than your own both growing up and at the moment inspire you?

I’ll have to start right at the beginning with a night called Braindrop. This is the night which essentially introduced us all to the music we promote today, although it was very much a multi genre affair. The McMash Clan (who ran the night and always did 4+ deck mashups) and played a lot of dark d’n’b and Jungle and promoted a lot of jungle breakcore. They also taught us the importance of the community of music.

Rupture is one of my favourite nights at the moment (most junglists would agree I’m sure) due to their uncompromising sound (perfect for our tastes) and again that community feel.

Beutifully Crafted are also putting on some smashing nights (big up lads)

– What can we expect from the Jungle Syndicate showcase come 28/07?

You can expect 90 mins of all styles of D’n’B, Jungle, Drumfunk and Amen Science with vinyl sets from Bluntly Speakin’ and Pixl and then a set from me (Raggamuffin) mashing as many styles together at the same time as possible!

– You describe yourselves as a group of DJs, producers & promoters bringing a mix of amen infused drum and bass and deep dark jungle breakcore to ravers through your own productions, your mixes and your events. Could you give us a collective top 5 tracks + why they’re included?

HaHa I know you asked for top 5 but we found it too difficult, so we’ve given you a top 5 in each sub genre we love, tbh we had to hold off on adding more as there is just too many classic bangers!

-Dillinja – Heavenly Bass

Smooth intro vocals and horns filtered drums being teased in get you into a false sense of security before some of the most ridiculous drum edits from any oldschool tune. Mixed with the massive bass line this tune will take any dancefloor apart.

-The Truper – Vol 2A

One of Photeks finest moments, rolling snares and dark pads in the intro carry you through to the amen lead sound punctuated by vocal stabs and other melodic samples Photek was known for in his early days, I could easily have picked any of his “Truper” releases but 2A was the first one I heard and still have in my bag on regular rotation.

-Intense – Visions

One of the tracks that encompasses everything I love about jungle, dark pads and atmospherics  mixed with savage but unique sounding drums.

-Luger – Pass Agent

One of the first jungle records I ever bought, i’ve always loved the contrast between the pads in the intro and breakdown which make you feel like you’re in space alongside the rolling layered kool and amen breaks in the drop.

-Source Direct – The Crane

Not much needs to be said about this one, simply one of the darkest tunes of all time. Paranoid sounding ambient intro leading into the first drop and massive bass following straight after makes for one of the best set openers ever.

-Nebula – Snares Erupt

I think the name of this track speaks for itself! This Deep rollin riddim with an omonous pad intro has the strings and deadly deep sub weight to match the tearout amen. This for me is a percy Nebula, rarely heard in the dance!

-Equinox – Roy ting

Everyone knows of the man Equinox, a pioneer in the industry since the early 90’s. Roy ting was released on subtle audio alongside Retroism (where are you) on the flip, both tunes are personals. Roy ting however slightly outweighs the flip for me in many ways, The eery vocal sample, Deep Weighty drums and symbol crashes ride the tune to the very end, it’s a commitment to play out but destroys the dance each and every!

-Dgohn – Fire buggy

Like every track in this list this was a hard draw. Dgohn has been pioneering his very own, very distinctive sound for a while now, starting with many a collab with the main man Macc, so you know we’re in safe hands! There isn’t one tune by this producer that i don’t love, this one though ‘Fire Buggy’ is madness, the drums, the echoing vocals, the breakdown….HAIRS ON END. We salute you.

-B-Key – Jah Warrior (unreleased)

Again, i could have listed off a lot of personal b-key tunes but this unreleased Gold by the master of darkness himself is top of my list of wants! If ya know ya b-key tunes then you musta heard it absolutely demolish the dance of late, used to death by Equinox and the likes.

-Fracture and Neptune – Too Doggone Funky

An Absolute classic From the pioneers of drumfunk. The funk, The groove, The classic James Brown samples and the pressure of this Track drives this tune all the way into my top 5. It has so much rudeboy attitude!! This break seems to have been unearthed over the last few years and used very effectively alongside the amen. UTTER DESTRUCTION!

-Photek – Baltimore (Dylan & Tech itch rmx)

This has to be one of my favorite remixes/face lifts of a classic tune, the original Photek version was already a banger but I think the originators of dark d’n’b defo smashed the remix out of the ball park (that reece bass!)

-Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – No remorse

In my opinion one of the best sounding dark amen D’n’B tunes of all time, second drop is a percy!

-Paradox – Curse Of Coincidence

Does it need any explanation! Ok I will. Just simply Some of the best sounding amens breaks of its time!

-SPL – Bullets

One of the first SPL tunes I ever heard and one of the most rinsing, I remember skanking to this at the early Therapy Sessions nights at Herbal.

-Dub One – Cry Of war

There is sooooo many Dub One tunes I could put in this list as they are all good but this was the first Dub One tune I ever heard and the first dub one vinyl I ever bought and it’s really the only tune he’s made in this style.

Catch Jungle Syndicate in Room 2 on the night for a 90 minute showcase with Raggamuffin b2b Pixl b2b Bluntly Speakin! Click the flyer below for tickets!