` Doorly Interview

Doorly Interview

Hi Doorly, did you want to introduce yourself to our readers for those who might not be familiar?

Hi I’m Doorly, I’m a DJ & Producer originally from Northern England but now based between Los
Angeles and Ibiza.

Growing up, what music were you listening to, and were there any particular club nights you went to in Huddersfield or beyond that stick in the memory?

I went to high school in warrington which is nearish to Liverpool so I guess I grew up listening to
scouse house and happy hardcore really! It was watching Erick Morillo play at sankeys when I was 16
though that switched me over to proper house music.

Let’s take things back to your club night in Huddersfield, can you tell our readers how you came about running your own night?

Well I was at Uni in Huddersfield but Djing a lot all over the country. There was literally nothing going
on in Huddersfield so I decided to throw my own little after hours party with a group of friends and we
built the most amazing scene in the town over the 7 years we ran it until I relocated to L.A. Those were
still some of my favourite shows ever and I do wish I had time to go back and do it again there at some point.

You are very well known for your skills behind the decks. Was having your own club night the perfect place to hone these skills?

Yeah most definitely, the crowd felt like it was all my mates so when you have the crowd on your side
fully in the palm of your hand it gives you more freedom to experiment and take risks. I think what did
me the most good was spending one summer living in Zante in Greece playing in a hip hop club 10
hours a day 7 days a week mixing hip hop on Vinyl and the newly released pioneer CDJ1000’s. No
matter how dedicated you are nobody does 70 hours a week practice so by the time I came home after that summer I was an absolute ninja and mixing house music again was just too easy so I needed more CDJ’s and Turntables and samplers to keep my from getting bored in between mixes.

Pete Tong famously saw you play when you booked him for your own night and having seen you play a few times, had you do a live essential mix. How did it feel to get the seal of approval from such a legendary DJ like Pete Tong?

Its incredible, I still get excited even now years later when pete plays one of my records on the radio or says something nice to me. The man is a Legendand we all owe him a lot for his services to music.

How did things change for you after the essential mix?

It gave e the kick up the ass I needed to start learning to produce music as I had a beautiful platform
and people had heard my name so I wanted to follow it up as fast as possible. Also that Essential mix
got me my first gig at Ibiza Rocks which led to me going there every season for the last 12 years and so much has come from that!

What effect did relocating to LA have on your career? Did you notice a difference in the parties between the UK and US?

I was living in London and just feeling really uninspired at the time, the weather was always shit and
spending time on the tube at rush hour is enough to make anyone depressed! Also I just felt kike there
was this really bitter scene developing in the UK in that post-dubstep / future garage era and I decided I needed to try something different and get some nicer weather and more positivity in my life so I put my stuff in a shipping container and went for it. Best decision ive ever made, I almost immediately found my groove and that’s when I really started breaking through properly with music I was extremely proud of.

You have an enviable list of people to have produced for, and releases on the likes of Dirtybird and Hot Creations. Can you name a dream collaboration from anywhere in the music world that you would want to get in the studio with?

I’d love to work with Q Tip from tribe called quest! Other than that I’m already working with all of my
heroes regularly and I have to pinch myself as its kind of ridiculous, I’m so lucky! Oh and Moodymann
I’d swap a kidney to work on some music with him.

Looking forward to the Take 2nd birthday, what are you expecting from the Take crowd and what do you have in store?

Yeah its going to be loads of fun! The line up is wicked and I love playing at Fire. I’m going to bring
my Hybrid Live set up with me which Includes Vinyl, 3 x cdjs, the Pioneer Toraiz synth and my Rmx
1000 so lots of buttons being pressed. Ive just finished my USA tour and ive picked up some absolute
stunner tracks along the way as well : )

Who would your dream B2B set be with?

Kink – I think we’d have a hell of a lot of fun!

Doorly plays the Take 2nd Birthday on Saturday 1st April alongside Citizenn, Enzo Siffredi + Take residents for what promises to be a party to remember! Click the flyer below for final advance tickets.