` Catching up with InsideInfo

Catching up with InsideInfo

‘InsideInfo’ is a name that any fan of powerful, hard-hitting Drum and Bass has no trouble  recognising. Well known for his gritty basslines, drum-heavy beats and meticulous sound  design, InsideInfo is widely recognised within the scene for his consistent ability to completely redefine the neurofunk subgenre with his unique production style. Since his first release on Viper Recordings – ‘Sneaker’ back in 2008 – InsideInfo has slammed down a series of massive releases including the game-changing ‘Metamorphosis / Being’ in 2014, ‘Mushroom / The Plains’ in 2015 and ‘Pulsation /  Talisman’ with Mefjus later that year. At the beginning of 2016, the producer released  ‘Conformity’ to huge success and continues to add to his track record of impressive  remixes for the likes of Black Sun Empire, Bad Company, Camo & Krooked, Cyantific, Calyx & TeeBee and many more. Teaming up with InsideInfo for their second collaboration and follow-up to ‘Metamorphosis’ is the legendary Miss Trouble , a renowned singer, rapper and MC from West London known for her complex lyricism and powerful vocals. The pair are now ready to drop their hotly anticipated new single ‘Revolution’ on Viper Recordings

InsideInfo will be performing B2B with the Brookes Brothers for Viper Recordings at Fire on November 25th, we caught up with him ahead of the show!

To begin with, what were your musical influences growing up and how did you end up producing DnB?

The Prodigy were certainly my earliest main influence, I was totally obsessed, wanted to be Liam Howlett. Started to grow really interested in what they were making their music with and began to save up for my own gear. I got into DNB when I was at school through early  jungle, Used to record DJ Hypes kiss FM show on cassette and listen back to it when I was  working. Then when I bought my first pair of decks I just veered towards buying loads of  drum and bass.

You’ve been privileged enough to release on some great labels… Hospital, Virus, Critical and Viper. How does it feel to be associated with such renowned names?

Amazing! I don’t like to brag but deep down I’m very proud and very grateful to the labels  for bringing me through. They are the labels iv’e always looked up to and that keep the drum  and bass scene alive.

How has it been since signing exclusively to Viper? How have you developed as an artist and how has it affected your creative process?

They have literally given me freedom to write whatever I want and provided valuable  feedback on my work and assistance in hooking up some great features, especially for my  album. I put my first track out with Viper back in 2008, A lots happened since then, I’ve  always tried to grow with the times and embrace new musical ideas and experiment, Hope to keep doing that.

Moving onto the new single, how did you end up teaming up with Miss Trouble and  what was it like working together?

We did Metamorphosis a couple of years ago, that came about through playing some shows  together back when Viper was at Cable. Since then we’ve kept a great relationship and it just  made sense to keep writing more music.

Do you see yourselves teaming up again in the future?

Absolutely, we work great together and I would love to do more. Always got something  brewing in the background.

If you could do a track with any artist who would you choose? Any artist ever??

Hmmm…Liam Howlett, he got me started.

What artists are you listening to at the moment, is there anyone that has inspired you to try out new sounds at all?

I listen to loads of stuff, past and present. Recently I’ve been listening to quite a bit of  Stimming, his sound design is just insane! I love Tycho and their lush reverbs and  atmospheres, very inspiring. Ivy Lab and Alix Perez are really perking my ears as well, very  interesting textures and layers.

What are you looking forward to the most about Viper:100?

The Energy of the crowd and playing B2B with the Brookes Brothers, that’s a first for us and  I’m excited to get on the decks with them. (Oh and of course a few celebratory drinks!)

InsideInfo plays at Fire on November 25th for Viper recordings, click the flyer below for Tickets + Info